Harrison Calls started as a small family business in Vale, Oregon…
Shad Harrison has been an avid outdoorsman for over 25 years. Hunting has been a lifestyle and a strong family tradition. Shad’s knowledge and understanding of his wildlife evironment is a succes that he enjoys and likes to share with others.

In June 2011 after Shad was very displeased with a very well known call on the market. He knew the quality sound that he wanted and went down to his workshop to build himself one. Our first official call was the jackrabbit distress call. Shad took it to work to get feedback from other local hunters. Let’s just say it was a huge hit! I remember having the conversation with Shad in our backyard on a warm summer day. He was asking me “How much do we want to put in these calls? How much time and energy can we put into these?” I knew that my husband had talent, an extremely hard worker, and appreciated the outdoors. I told Shad I am behind you every step of the way, and let’s just see where this goes. Step by Step. That is exactly what we have done.

Shad and I have met some wonderful people that we normally would have not met if we did not have our call business. We enjoyed and relished their testimonial stories after using our calls. We have even had well known outfitters buy their guides our Lost Cow Elk Call. To use and increase their clients success on these hunts. This is what we LOVE! Our customers appreciate and value Shad’s call. We will not undermine these calls and make them cheap to make the big buck! Our name is on these calls and the quality will stick with the name.

If you are ready for a change in your hunting gear, and you are not satisfied with your current call and its results please contact us. Ask us questions. The woods we use are beautiful and they have that great natural sound. No speakers, nothing electronic. Just a great quality handmade call.

Shad & Treva Harrison
Harrison Calls